Goodwood Revival Gentleman's Style

Vintage style at the Goodwood Revival Otway & Orford    Vintage style at the Goodwood Revival Otway & Orford    Vintage style at the Goodwood Revival Otway & Orford    

The Goodwood Revival is a glorious time warp best enjoyed by dressing up in vintage style to appreciate the legendary cars and motorcycles, wheel to wheel racing, iconic planes and fashions all from another era, in the period setting that is the Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit and Aerodrome. Like any good costume drama, the Revival soundtrack of engines mixed with period music draws you further in as does the beautiful Sussex countryside location.

Goodwood stresses that it is vintage style done your way but most people take their fashion cue from when Goodwood served as a WW2 RAF fighter station through to the 1966 closure of the motor racing circuit that was built on the fighter airfield’s perimeter road. For the male visitor to Goodwood this window of a quarter century or so gives ample opportunity to pick an era they associate with and, perhaps more importantly, a style they look good in. The official Goodwood ‘Gentleman’s Guide to Dress and Style’ sketches out some of the looks you might want to consider. These include RAF Air Crew, Teddy Boys, Mods and of course the Racing Driver in white or pale blue overalls. From Otway & Orford’s own Revival experience there are some other favourite looks not to be ignored, including the heavily Dad’s Army influenced Home Guard and ARP Warden, Ton Up Rocker, Country Gentleman in his tweeds as well as the Terry Thomas and Ian Carmichael bounder/good chap in sports jacket or blazer.

If your chosen Revival outfit comes with a top pocket, then Otway & Orford can help with the perfect finishing touch from our selection of unique silk pocket squares in the spirit of the Revival’s vintage style. Paying homage to Goodwood in the 1940s, we have the ‘Lone Fighter’ Spitfire pocket square and the ‘Battle Of Britain’ pocket square featuring artist Paul Nash’s famous painting. Our classic motor racing pocket square, ‘Victory At Last’, features Aston Martin’s historic triumph at Le Mans in 1959. For the early 1960s, we have jet age style with our delta-winged Vulcan pocket square ‘A Beautiful Jigsaw’. Or to swing further into the ‘60s, how about wearing a Mini to the Revival, a Mini Cooper inspired pocket square that is called 'Put Your Foot Down'

The choice for the Revival look is yours, so gentlemen start your engines, chocs away and enjoy your walk on part in Goodwood’s period drama whatever you choose to wear. Our final tip is to take an umbrella and sun cream as the Sussex skies never stick to the script.

Photos with thanks to Simon Moore on Unsplash (blog cover photo) and Monica Volpin from Pixabay (blog post car photos). 

Spitfire silk pocket square by Otway & Orford, 'Lone Fighter'  'Battle Of Britain' silk pocket square by Otway & Orford  Classic motor racing silk pocket square by Otway & Orford, 'Victory At Last'  Vulcan silk pocket square by Otway & Orford, 'A Beautiful Jigsaw'  Italian Job Mini Coopers silk pocket square by Otway & Orford, 'Put Your Foot Down'  Vintage football silk pocket square by Otway & Orford, 'The Beautiful Game'