Jonathan Aiken

Artist Jonathan Aiken creating an artwork    'Put Your Foot Down' by artist Jonathan Aiken framed and hung     

Otway & Orford are proud to collaborate with contemporary Irish pop artist Jonathan Aiken on our unique Italian Job inspired silk pocket square, ‘Put Your Foot Down’.

Born in Lisburn, educated in Belfast including studying architecture and design at Queen’s University, Jonathan has been painting and selling works for over twenty years. Recognised by being selected to exhibit throughout Ireland, he even has an elegant Belfast hotel meeting room decorated with his work named after him. Jonathan’s style is influenced by Andy Warhol and the Pop Art movement. Working on a variety of different materials but always using layers of striking colour and intriguing texture, Jonathan creates works which draw on popular culture and visually reinterpret some of our most identifiable icons. His other subjects have included the Spitfire, Titanic and superstar icons including George Best and U2.

Created on two large steel sheets, Jonathan’s original work was inspired by ‘The Italian Job’, the Swinging Sixties caper movie starring Michael Caine, Noel Coward and a trio of patriotically coloured Mini Cooper S cars. The film’s iconic status was not immediate, however its increasing popularity over time has helped cement the Mini Cooper as a cultural icon and immortalised much of the film’s dialogue.

The colourful art design pocket square 'Put Your Foot Down' makes a perfect gift for men who are fans of 'The Italian Job' or simply just the original Mini.

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