Julia Tanner

Artist Julia Tanner at work        'Corner Kick' by artist Julia Tanner framed and hung   

Otway & Orford are proud to collaborate with contemporary artist Julia Tanner on ’Corner Kick’.

Having studied interior design, Julia made the decision to become a professional artist in 2010 and her decision has been rewarded by being exhibited and having competition success. Through repeated experimentation, Julia has developed her own unique style of ‘playing with the paint’, which she has applied to subjects ranging from sports to landscape. Julia works with different media including acrylic, oil, water colour and resin according to subject and mood but the colours are always bright.

Julia’s original acrylic on canvas artwork was inspired by every football fan’s excitement at the winning goal. She poured, dripped and splattered fluid paint to capture the movement and chaos in the penalty area as the ball is headed on towards goal.

The 'Corner Kick' silk pocket square makes a perfect gift for men who are fans of the modern game.

To see more of Julia's work, please visit www.juliatannerart.co.uk