Our Artists & Their Artworks

In creating Otway & Orford's colourful and unique art design silk pocket squares, we searched for talented artists with a style and subject matter brimming with vibrancy and able to stir the emotions. Meeting these criteria, the group of artists that we are delighted to collaborate with represents varied artistic styles and different eras, with works dating from the 1930s through to the present day. This group includes British artists as well as artists from Australia and the United States.

We are delighted to introduce you to the artists and their artworks that you will find at Otway & Orford:


Irish artist Jonathan Aiken at work    'Put Your Foot Down' luxury silk pocket square by Otway & Orford

Jonathan Aiken - 'Put Your Foot Down'

Born in Lisburn, educated in Belfast including studying architecture and design at Queen’s University, Jonathan has been painting for over twenty years. He reinterprets some of our most identifiable icons and his style is influenced by Andy Warhol and the Pop Art movement. To read more, click here


Aviation artist David Bent with his work 'Jubilee Diamond'    'A Beautiful Jigsaw' luxury silk pocket square by Otway & Orford    'Jubilee Diamond' luxury silk pocket square by Otway & Orford

David Bent - 'A Beautiful Jigsaw' & 'Jubilee Diamond'

David was brought up in Dover and aviation influence came at an early age as his father was founder of the Dover Model Aircraft Club. A chance visit in 2003 to the Royal International Air Tatoo brought aircraft back into David’s life and his art. David’s unique style brings aviation and modern art together for a celebration of the excitement, freedom and beauty of flight. To read more, click here


    'World Class Scrummage' luxury silk pocket square by Otway & Orford

Paul Cleden - 'World Class Scrummage'

Paul studied illustration at Kingston University and Maidstone College of Art before becoming a freelance illustrator. He is now a full-time printmaker of bold overlapping colours, lovely flowing lines and pared down shapes as well as being an illustrator and writer. To read more, click here


Australian artist Helen Cooper    'Six!' luxury silk pocket square by Otway & Orford   

Helen Cooper - 'Six!'

Helen has been painting for the best part of twenty five years across genres including figurative, still life, landscape and life drawing and describes herself as a ‘tonal impressionist’. She likes to work ‘alla prima’, where wet paint is applied on top of wet paint. To read more, click here


Roy de Maistre - 'The Football Match'

Roy de Maistre was born in Australia in 1894 but in order to make a living from painting he moved permanently to London in 1930. He was a modernist painter, credited as the first Australian to use pure abstraction in his work and as the most significant artistic influence on Francis Bacon during the 1930s. In his adoptive home, de Maistre moved to a figurative style based on Cubism and did achieve recognition. To read more, click here

'Painter of speed' John Ketchell with one of his works    'Victory at Last' luxury silk pocket square by Otway & Orford    'Neck and Neck' luxury silk pocket square by Otway & Orford    

John Ketchell - 'Victory at Last''Neck and Neck' and 'Break Away' 

John studied graphics and followed that by working as an illustrator, at various ad agencies and as a stop-frame animator. Disillusioned by the impact of the introduction of computers into the creative space, John decided to paint full time. Initially starting with photo realism, he switched to a semi-abstract impressionist style more suitable for a 'painter of speed'. To read more and for image credit, click here


Artist Richard Knight with one of his works    'Lone Fighter' luxury silk pocket square by Otway & Orford 

Richard Knight - 'Lone Fighter'

After being brought up on a farm in Cornwall, Richard went to study design and illustration at Kingston University. Having enjoyed a career as an illustrator and graphic designer, he took the decision to become a full-time artist. Richard brings his energetic style to the familiar including urban landscapes, figures and iconic machines. To read more, click here


Woodcut self-portrait of artist Paul Nash from 1923    'Battle of Britain' luxury silk pocket square by Otway & Orford

Paul Nash - 'Battle Of Britain'

Paul Nash (1889-1946) attended the Slade School of Art and had many artistic as well as literary talents including painting, drawing, wood engraving, book illustration, photography and textile design. He is often remembered for being a surrealist and war artist of both World Wars. To read more, click here


American artist Paine Proffitt    'The Beautiful Game' luxury silk pocket square by Otway & Orford

Paine Proffitt - 'The Beautiful Game'

After an upbringing in five different countries, Paine settled in what he considers ‘home’, England. His unmistakable style has many influences and might best be summed up as contemporary naïve art. The romance and nostalgia of sport is central to Paine’s work. To read more, click here


Artist Julia Tanner at work    'Corner Kick' luxury silk pocket square by Otway & Orford

Julia Tanner - 'Corner Kick'

Having studied interior design, Julia made the decision to become a professional artist in 2010 and her decision has been rewarded by being exhibited and having competition success. Through repeated experimentation, Julia has developed her own unique style of ‘playing with the paint’. To read more, click here