The 'Ten Commandments' of Air Fighting

This Otway & Orford blog post about Spitfire ace 'Sailor' Malan and his 'Ten Commandments' is courtesy of historian Dilip Sarkar MBE and adapted from his forthcoming book, 'Sailor' Malan - Freedom Fighter: The Inspirational Story of a Spitfire Ace', to be published in May 2021 by Pen & Sword. Group Captain Adolph Gysbert Malan, a former nautical ‘type’ better known to his comrades as ‘Sailor’, was one of the RAF’s truly outstanding fighter aces and leaders of WW2. He was also the author of 'Ten of My Rules for Air Fighting' that heavily influenced fellow RAF pilots. To find out more, read 'The Spotter' blog post. A four minute read.