How to wear a Pocket Square


Thanks to its formal through to smart casual flexibility and ease of creating a stylish finishing touch, the pocket square is set to be a wardrobe staple of the well-dressed man, whether heading back to the office or dressing up to go out. However, ease of use is not necessarily the popular perception and the question 'How to wear a pocket square' is frequently asked.

Much is made of the art of pocket square folding and the resulting numerous folds that can be created with any pocket square. If you know what you are doing, the folds end up looking great and they range from the simple looking through to the ornate. However many people are put off by the complexity of some of the folds and also by the disappointing end results, even when using a simpler fold.

Otway & Orford's answer lies in the 'casual' technique employed by many experienced pocket square wearers. Simply find the part of the pocket square that you would like to have poking out of your suit or jacket top pocket and push the rest of the pocket square into the top pocket, being sure not to make the hidden pocket square bulky by using all the available pocket space. You can then quickly play with the part of the pocket square on show, by pushing and pulling a bit as required, to make sure the desired colours and pattern are visible and that you are happy with the overall shape and size. It is important to remember that there is no wrong or right here; it is just what you are happy with. After that, all that is needed to maintain your stylish finishing touch is a spot of occasional maintenance, again with a simple push and pull of the pocket square.

With multi-coloured pocket squares, you can select the appropriate area of the pocket square to complement the rest of your outfit. Given its potential for numerous colourful looks, a multi-coloured pocket square can bring a flourish to almost any top pocket.