Made in England

Macclesfield Town Hall with signage to Paradise Mill, Heritage Centre and Silk Museum                

All round excellence
Collaboration with the talented artists to produce our colourful and unique art design silk pocket squares means that we only work with designers and pocket square printers who can bring out every ounce of the artworks’ original vibrancy.

London and Cheshire, England
Our pocket squares are thoughtfully designed by a boutique design agency in London before making the journey to Macclesfield in Cheshire, the traditional home of English silk printing, to complete the process of becoming high-quality works of art on silk, proudly Made in England. 

We work with one of the country's top pocket square makers, which takes the designs through the production process retaining the detail of the original works of art when printing on the fine Mulberry silk twill and ensuring the overall quality of the finished pocket squares. The reproduction of the designs with their complex imagery, multiple colours and sometimes visible brushwork is enabled by highly accurate digital printing. We focus not only on the printed side of the pocket squares but also on the reverse, working with the water-based inks to ensure a good balance between the image strength on the printed and reverse sides. This ensures that the pocket squares work perfectly whatever fold is used.

The final stage of production is the hand-rolling and hand-sewing of the hems of the pocket squares to create a traditional ‘shoestring’ hem, with its distinctive look and feel. The pocket squares then arrive in London where they are tissue-wrapped and placed in their smart Otway & Orford boxes, made in London, before travelling to a top pocket somewhere in the world. This is either as a self-purchase or as a gift, suitable for any occasion and for even for the 'man who has everything'.

The image of Macclesfield Town Hall is courtesy of Smith & Brown at under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic licence. It has been cropped to a square format.