'A Man's Pocket Square Provides a Window into his Personality'

The Otway & Orford Story

Welcome to Otway & Orford, a new men’s accessory brand creating unique and high-quality silk pocket squares with designs that depict favourite sports, iconic aircraft and legendary cars. Full-size and luxurious, our distinctive pocket squares bring a touch of style, a pop of colour and the perfect finishing touch to any jacket or suit, casual or formal. Proudly made and hand-sewn in England.

Tennis silk pocket square by Otway & Orford worn with grey herringbone tweed jacket


By collaborating with leading artists and galleries,
we are proud to create strikingly different pocket squares featuring vibrant and original works of art that depict favourite sports, iconic aircraft and legendary cars.

Our carefully curated collection includes art inspired by the Spitfire, the Le Mans winning Aston Martin DBR1, the classic Porsche 911, rugby, football, cricket and many more. Our designs never fail to strike a chord with the wearer and one that’s always close to their heart.

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The original inspiration for Otway & Orford came from my grandfather, a captain of several glamorous liners during the 1920s and 1930s as well as of Royal Navy ships during his wartime service. Captain A.L. Owens RD RNR always sported a pocket square, whether at sea or on land. My grandfather left me his collection and this started an interest in pocket squares. Our brand is named after two of the ships he served on.

Italian Job inspired silk pocket square by Otway & Orford
S.S. Orford liner captained by Captain A.L. Owens RD RNR

Over the years I have collected hundreds of pocket squares but the final drive for creating Otway & Orford was a desire to find stylish and colourful pocket squares that were more personal to me, reflecting my interests and passions (outside of pocket squares). A pocket square is one of few opportunities for men to wear a visible accessory, so making it count is important. As has been written, ‘A man’s pocket square provides a window into his personality’.

Thanks to the unique designs, our pocket squares make not only a stylish and meaningful self-purchase but also a thoughtful gift, even for the ‘hard to buy for man’. To make gifting even easier, each pocket square arrives beautifully presented, tissue-wrapped in a smart Otway & Orford branded gift box.

We hope you will be as excited as we are when you come aboard and discover the Otway & Orford collection.

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