Mark Trubisky

'Closing In' and 'The Closer' by Mark Trubisky

Otway & Orford are proud to collaborate with Mark Trubisky, one of today’s foremost sports artists, on our stylish and unique silk pocket squares ‘Closing In’ and ‘The Closer’. They are inspired by American football and baseball respectively.

Mark is renowned for his brilliantly coloured and emotionally charged art which captures key moments of sporting drama. His approach brings the viewer into the painting as a participant at some level, creating a strong emotional connection. The use of impressionism fits perfectly with the need to convey the decisive split second of the situation.

The originals for ‘Closing In’ and ‘The Closer’ were created digitally and both artworks demonstrate Mark’s mastery of technique as well as his ability to make the viewer part of a truly expressive experience.

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