Miki de Goodaboom

Miki de Goodaboom at work outdoors - Otway & Orford

Otway & Orford are proud to collaborate with contemporary French artist Miki de Goodaboom on our stylish and unique tennis and skiing silk pocket squares, ‘Tennis Passion’ and ‘The Jump’.

Miki loves to paint everything, with every technique from traditional through to digital and sometimes mixing them all. She particularly enjoys sporting art with its challenges of capturing movement as well as time and space in two-dimensional form. Above all else, Miki’s painting reflects her life, in particular the use of vibrant colours expressing her passion for life.

Miki’s original of ‘Tennis Passion’ is a mixed media/mixed technique artwork and was inspired by Grand Slam tennis and the individual fight of the players, both mentally and physically, to get over the line, often distilled into that one shot, the one that matters.

The original of ‘The Jump’ is a mixed technique skiing artwork and had twin inspirations. Firstly, the inherent struggle in all sport against others, against the elements, against oneself from which human achievement stems. Secondly, it was the dream of flying and with it freedom, if only for a moment, as the skier launches himself into the air.

To see more of Miki’s work, please visit www.miki-fonvielle.pixels.com