Markus Haub

Markus Haub at work - Otway & Orford

Otway & Orford are proud to collaborate with German automotive artist Markus Haub on our stylish and unique Porsche 911 inspired silk pocket square, ‘Racing Legends 292’.

Markus is the most innovative classic car artist working in Europe today. He combines first-hand knowledge and love for the cars, drawn from attending classic car events and working as a car designer, with his traditional and digital art skills to create this unique automotive art.

Markus’ original artwork on box canvas is part of the ‘Racing Legends’ series, started in 2008 and focusing mainly on sports and racing cars from the 1960s and 1970s. This work was inspired by a lifelong passion for Markus, the iconic Porsche 911, a sleek creation designed to arrow through the landscape and instantly recognisable from any angle.

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